My Top 3 Accessories for the Spring & Summer

Accessory: a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. 

As someone who has (in my opinion) a very minimal, neutral and ‘basic’ wardrobe, accessories are how I really change up my day to day style. As we put winter firmly behind us and are embracing the later evenings and sunny afternoons (albeit from the safety of our own homes) the hats and scarves are being packed away and the spring/summer accessories are coming out, so I wanted to share my top 3 accessories for the warmer months. 


Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first. Sunglasses. This is not only a practical accessory but it can make a whole outfit. Now, obviously if you have one pair of sunglasses that you wear year round then that’s cool, I am slightly obsessed with sunglasses and have four pairs, which yes I’m aware is three too many but I love switching them up to suit the occasion I’m dressing for. 


Two of my pairs are prescription so perfect for sightseeing on holidays, summer weddings and being able to see where your friends are in the park so you don’t wander around like a lost puppy. These are my more ‘non classic’ pairs but are still flexible within my wardrobe. Then I have two tortoiseshell style sunglasses with no prescription. If you are in the ‘you only need one pair’ camp, then I would recommend a tortoiseshell pair as they literally go with all styles (unless you wear all black, then I would go for black rims or a colour pop).



I was wearing headbands before this whole trend popped off, way back in secondary school I thought I was the Blair Wardolf and was rocking a black headband with a bow every day (yes there are photos but they are staying locked in the confines of Facebook memories). As someone who hates having hair in front of their face, headbands are a practical accessory for me as well as making a statement. If like me you have a neutral wardrobe coloured or patterned headbands are a great way to inject some ‘jazziness’ into your outfit but you can also reverse that logic and pair a solid block colour or a black headband if you prefer to wear your colours in your clothes. I love adding a headband to a jeans and a t-shirt outfit to make it a little more put together or with a party dress to add a preppy twist. 

Colour Pop or Novelty Bags

I used to be a bag obsessive and spent a little too much money on luxury bags however, I now only have two that are on constant rotation. First up is my novelty toast bag which just adds a bit of fun to my outfits, it is in neutral colours which compliments the outfits but also stops it looking ‘childish’. You can read my full post about styling novelty bags here.


If novelty bags aren’t your thing then I would recommend a colour pop bag to add a little extra to your outfit I prefer jewel tones to neon as I feel they go with more outfits; my bright yellow one always gets so many compliments and lasts all the seasons. Again if you are more of a neutral accessories person because you love colour or pattern in your clothes then either cream or black goes well with most outfits.

What are your go to accessories?

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