Meet the Fluffy Brow Product I’m in Love With

Yes I have jumped on the Soap Brows bandwagon.

I am pretty lazy with my brows, I’ve never over plucked them (thank god I listened to my mum when I was younger) and for the last two years I have been getting them waxed into shape maybe once every 2 months but I don’t really fill them in because they are bushy and proud. I was loving all these brushed up fluffy brows that were on my Pinterest Feed so thought I’d give it a go, especially as my mind is turning to wedding makeup. I can’t remember where I first heard about Soap Brows but seeing as most bloggers were jumping on the hype I felt like I should probably see if it could style my brows, as normal brow gels were just not holding them in place.



It’s super simple to apply and although you can use the brands own facial mist I decided to just use my Eden Project Rose Water to wet the soap. Then just scrape the spoolie into the soap and style your brows. I brush my brows the opposite way first with the product to ensure that the hairs are fully coated and then brush upwards to get the fluffy look, leave to set and then if you want to fill in any sparse bits do so afterwards. Make sure you don’t over spritz the soap as it doesn’t need to be overly wet to work. Once it’s set it can feel quite stiff but you do get used to that after a few wears and your brows don’t budge all day.

It’s not a style for everyone I totally get that, I can often look a little like Count Olaf with these fluffy brows but I love it.

Are you a fluffy brow fan?

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