Daily Look No.10

Category is: Social Distancing…

I have always been a jeans and a t-shirt girl. No matter how hard I try to do something out of the box, when in doubt I chuck on a t-shirt (either this Disney one or a classic white t-shirt) with some blue jeans and I am good to go. This Disney one is quite baggy which is great because I can tuck it into jeans or use a hair tie and knot it at the back to give it a more cropped look.

Snapped these photos on one of our Government allowed walks, we’re very lucky to have a large green space near where we live and with this beautiful sunny weather it’s been a god-send.

Stay safe everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Daily Look No.10

    1. I just gather the fabric that I don’t want tie a hair tie round it at the back and then tuck the little fabric bun up into the t-shirt itself ๐Ÿ™‚

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