Daily Look No.9

A green oasis in the concrete jungle. 



I feel like March 2019 was not this cold and I am quite bored of being bundled up in 7 layers however I did end up loving this simple outfit despite feeling slightly like the Michelin man!

The cardigan peeking through is actually my grandads and I had to borrow it from my mum because I completely forgot to put on a jumper before heading out, but I think it actually works out pretty well. As always my trusty Converse are on my feet plus I’m wearing my new Marks & Spencer Sienna Straight Leg jeans which I am in love with!

These photos were taken at The Barbican Conservatory which was not at all what I was expecting but was a lovely green oasis in the city – although quite busy when we arrived. It’s only open certain days so make sure you check the website before you travel.

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