Daily Look No.8

Off to the theatre darling…

What to wear to a theatre matinee

The Old Vic in The Sun    Styling a maxi skirt in Winter

Blogger at The Theatre

I haven’t been to the theatre for ages but Mum and I were lucky enough to get tickets to see Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Cummings in Endgame at The Old Vic. I studied Samuel Beckett the playwright at college and have always loved his work, plus I am a huge Daniel Radcliffe fan so it was the perfect afternoon.

Matinees are hard to dress for because I feel like you can’t go all out dressy so I opted for the ultimate smart casual option. Maxi skirt, Cashmilon jumper as the smart, converse and a quirky bag as the casual – yes my bag is shaped like a piece of toast, it’s probably designed for kids and I love it!

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