How to Style a Novelty Bag

Statement, quirky, novelty, whatever you want to call it. Styling a bag that looks like a piece of toast isn’t easy; or is it?

Bag – Jellycat

Yes, my bag is shaped like a piece of toast and is most probably designed for children but I bloody love it! Quirky bags are currently having a ‘moment’, with some shaped like cartoons of milk, pieces of fruit even popcorn boxes. This is all well and good but may only go with a particular outfit you are buying, this doesn’t really fit with my capsule wardrobe vibe. I didn’t actually buy this bag (I’ve named it Timmy the Toast bag), because of the trend but mainly because I thought it was cute and was having a stressful week so decided to treat myself however, I did still ask myself the important questions of: how many items can I style this with? Will I wear this once a week? Is it a timeless piece? (it obviously didn’t pass this test but no-one is perfect).


Once it was safely in my possession I couldn’t wait to style it. Yes a novelty bag is hard to style but if like me your wardrobe is basically neutrals then it’s a hell of a lot easier. So here are my top tips for styling a novelty bag – these are all my own opinion and work for my style but you do you.


Avoid prints and stick to monochromatic pieces. Let the bag do the talking for the outfit, especially if it’s a brightly coloured bag. My wardrobe is a sea of neutrals of mainly blue, cream and grey so statement bags can really pick up an outfit.

Check that it doesn’t make you look like a child. This blue military style coat I have, works perfectly because it’s quite a sophisticated coat however I also have a waxed coat which this bag doesn’t work with because it makes me look like a seven year old – no reasoning behind it but the mirror doesn’t lie.

Avoid other ‘novelty’ accessories, for example if your bag is shaped like a cat face, step away from the earrings also shaped like a cat and go for something more sophisticated like a sterling silver hoop or studs. This stops the outfit looking ‘camp’- unless that’s your style then go for it.

Carry it with confidence. My number one rule when it comes to styling anything, wear the item with confidence and embrace the quirkiness of the piece. Who cares if other people don’t like it, you do and it’s your bag!

Do I wear this once a week? If i’m going out and about at the weekend for a casual day you can bet I’m bringing Timmy – unless it’s raining because it isn’t waterproof. It fits my camera, a debit card, keys and my phone so is perfect for a day of shopping, sight seeing or grabbing a coffee with friends. How many items can I style this with? I love wearing this with a simple jeans, cashmilion jumper and converse which is basically my weekend uniform but it also goes perfectly with this smart casual outfit and the majority of my casual items in the wardrobe. Is this a timeless piece? No, it 100% is not, however I am wearing the hell out of it currently and can see myself continuing to do so for a good while so I’m not too worried about the cost per wear, plus there are plenty of little ones in the family who i’m sure would love to take him for a spin.

Would you buy a novelty bag?

3 thoughts on “How to Style a Novelty Bag

  1. OMG this is the most kawaii bag I have ever seen in my life! I’ve gotten rid of two novelty bags because I either looked like a child or went with the genre so much I looked cartoon character! Your tips are great though. I eventually got a little owl bag that was brown and gold so HE was already neutral, rather like your toast lol

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