Meet Two Sustainable Online Shops I am Loving

I do love a sustainable product or two.

*this post contains gifted products however views and photos are my own and I did not receive any payment for this post.

I always love it when someone gets in touch with me to try one of their products but I was especially excited when two sisters reached out to me about their own online businesses. Both of them are striving to create ethical and sustainable products that have a purpose in day to day life.


First up is FabWraps by Georgie. A lot of the time wrapping paper and gift bags aren’t sustainable, they come with glitter all over them or are shiny and aren’t recyclable. FabWraps are 100% cotton fabric bags and wraps that can be used countless times and not just for gift wrapping! Plus once you’ve re-used them to the end of their life they will then just biodegrade naturally! I absolutely love the designs and they are incredibly well made and come in all shapes and sizes. The two above are a gift bag and a bottle bag, plus they have a little button on pouch for your gift tag which is so cute. Make sure if you do use these to wrap a gift that you are gifting them to someone who will then re-use or will give it back to you once they’ve unwrapped! Not sure how you would wrap a gift, well check out Georgie’s handy tips on her website.


We all know how much I love a reusable makeup remover pad and AngelicCleansing is no different! There really is no excuse for people not to be using reusable facial cleansing pads to reduce wastage and I love the fact that Frankie has made various sizes for people to buy, plus the rainbow colours brighten up my cleansing routine. The pads are made of 100% cotton and the terry toweling is super soft. They are cut to squares to minimise waste when making them, which is genius! As they are made of cotton you can pop in a normal wash and once dry are ready to use again. If you’re a micellar water user then the smaller squares ones are great especially if you’re removing stubborn lipsticks or mascaras.

If you’re making your first steps in sustainability or just looking for new products then make sure you head over and check out their Etsy shops.

FabWraps | AngelicCleansing

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