How to get Full Fluttery Natural Lashes

How to get full fluttery natural lashes…

It’s no secret that I am a lash lover, I was permanently wearing huge spidery lashes that made my eyelids droop thorughout the whole of university – luckily those photos are in the FB archives and not for public viewing. However as a slightly more sophisticated lady in my later years I have now moved on to individual lashes.

Now you might think that this is all a vanity thing but it actually stemmed from the awful condition my lashes were in, mainly due to wearing too much mascara. I realised because I was wearing mascara everyday, and removing it every night my lashes were falling out a lot quicker and weren’t growing as long as they did before. So I decided to ditch the mascara for a while.


Now call me vain but I hate my face without full, luschious lashes so I started applying indivudual lashes to the outer corner and I never really stopped. My current favourites are the Eylure Lash Pro – Individuals Duos & Trios and the Ardell Duralash Soft Touch Knotted Flare Trios. Instead of being just a single knot which can be quite fiddly they are almost like a mini strip lash, so much more user friendly and less time consuming but still with that natural look and you get full creative control on the end result.


It takes me about five minutes to just dot on a few using some Duo Lash Glue and a pair of tweezers on the outer corner of my lash line, easy as pie and no scrubbing at your eyes at the end of the day, you just peel them off and store for the next time. My lashes are much fuller and longer now so they blend nicely with the indivdual and it doesn’t look so obvious that I have false lashes on. If you’ve never tried them before it does take a bit of practice getting them nestled in on your lash line but they look amazing and it’s instant glam.

Are you a false lash lover?

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