Four Highlights from May

The best bits of the month… 

May, we’ve had two bank holidays, a royal wedding and some glorious sunshine. I don’t know about anyone else but the sunshine literally makes me excited to get up in the morning!

This month my normal 9-5 has legit taken over my life, staying late every single day and although it’s a little stressful I just love the challenges. It has however meant that my blog and social media presence has taken a step back. I hated half my content half way through the month so I deleted it and put together some posts I was really proud of. Despite being busy at work I still managed to fit in some exciting trips out and about, as well as taking some well earned ‘me time’. Got hooked on 13 Reasons Why finally and loved the first season – as much as you can love something with that subject matter, however I found the second season a little disappointing, rushed and some of the important issues glossed over. I also am currently loving Queer Eye, yes I know late to the party. What are your favourite things on Netflix right now?

Here are my four May highlights…          

Finally saw Avengers Infinity War. Some people mightn’t call this a highlight but I thought the film was bloody amazing. Superhero films don’t normally make you both laugh and cry but this one was a real rollercoaster of emotions. Also managed to see it before someone ruined it for me, I’m sure everyone has now caught up but just in case I won’t spoil it for any of you.

Went to the opening of Kew’s new Temperate House. It’s no secret that I love Kew Gardens, so much so my friends just roll their eyes when I say that I visited again. I was lucky enough to snag the last few tickets to their preview evening of the beautiful new Temperate House. A delightful evening of cocktails, live music and stunning surroundings.


Took the Mr to see some Shakespeare. The Mr and I went to The Globe to see ‘As You Like It’, it was the first bit of Shakespeare he had seen live, so it was exciting to introduce him to it in a traditional setting. Not sure we’ll start on the heavy stuff yet, we’ll keep going with the comedies.

Got back into reading. This actually happened whilst on holiday in April but its continued on into May. I’ve missed burying my head into a book and disappearing into another world. I was watching way too much Netflix or scrolling endlessly through social media that my eyes were going square. If you’re into murder mysteries the Inspector Montalbano books are amazing and the new Poirot books are equally as good and capture the essence of the original ones.


June I’m off on a mini break to Disneyland with two of my best friends, the Mr is celebrating a birthday and I’m hoping the sun keeps shining.

What are you looking forward to in June?

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