The Best Natural Product for Cleaning Brushes

Trust me the content is more exciting than the title!  

I don’t think anyone enjoys washing their make up brushes, we don’t rush home after work clapping our hands with glee at the prospect, however it has to be done and if a product is going to make it  easier and faster then I am always up for trying it. I used to be a baby shampoo kind of a girl so I was intrigued to see how different an actual brush cleanser would be.


Nanshy Brush & Sponge Cleaner£10.95

It’s a natural, vegan and cruelty free solid cleanser. You simply dampen the brush swirl it into the product  and then rinse – yes it’s 2018 and I just explained how to clean your makeup brushes. It cleans quicker than baby shampoo, and the added Vitamin E and coconut milk leaves the brushes soft and will help them last longer than using a chemical cleaner. The best thing about this cleanser is that its now 10x easier to clean my beauty blenders; with shampoo I would often find I hadn’t got all the bubble out despite rinsing it multiple times.


No don’t worry this whole post isn’t just about a brush cleanser, meet the new favourite brushes in my collection. Don’t get me wrong there are so many great cruelty free brush brands out there including Real Techniques and EcoTools but Nanshy brushes are my new favourite. Not only do they look beautiful, the handful I currently own are in the Pearlescent range, they also have a chic Onyx colour and a beechwood collection as well. They are high quality, antibacterial, vegan, cruelty-free, synthetic brushes which give you a flawless application every time.

My favourite is the Blending EB04 brush, a great dupe for the MAC 217 and 3/4 of the price, I also have the Small Blending brush, it’s only marginally smaller but is another great addition for crease work. Both of these work with wet and dry formulas. Face wise I own two from their collection: The Foundation brush which I actually use for concealer, the angled shape gives you precision on application and the bristles don’t absorb too much product plus they transfer less bacteria and dead skin cells-would also be perfect for applying face masks! The Blush brush is the perfect brush for blushers, highlighters and setting powders, it’s slight dome shape helps distribute the product evenly.

Have you tried out the Nanshy range before?

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