My Haircare Secrets

That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets…and amazing hair products.

I am very much a shampoo, condition, air dry and go kind of a girl. Basically whatever takes the least amount of effort. However special occasions do crop up where I have to go the extra mile to make the mop look slightly more presentable. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that my hair has been through the wars; so much bleach, dye and heat abuse however, I’m now waiting for my ombre to grow out, no more hair dye and the least amount of heat possible. So here are the products I’ve been using to give my hair the best care possible.


Lush Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo|Superdrug Pro Vitamin Argan Oil Conditioner.

There is a running theme with my main 2 products that I use; Argan oil. It’s great for damaged hair, and helps add shine to what otherwise would look like straw on my head! I tend to wash my hair every 3 days, I put shampoo all over but only condition the ends of my hair as otherwise my roots get greasy easily. I like to leave the conditioner in for a few minutes, so it can really do it’s work.


Tangle Teezer.

I’m not really sure how I lived life without a Tangle Teezer. Dry and damaged hair tends to get very knotty very easily and when you have natural waves thrown into the mix the knots are even worse however the Tangle Teezer works it’s magic and detangles almost instantly. I prefer brushing the knots out whilst wet but it’s also great on dry hair for day to day use.


Percy&Reed Volumising Mousse|Superdrug Style Expertise Heat Styling Spray.

If I do need to use heat on my hair then I go all out with the defence products. Before I blow dry I pop a golf ball size of Percy&Reed mousse through my hair; it helps create volume without frizz and helps any style stay in longer without leaving any sticky residue.If you are looking for a more budget product then the Boots own mousse is also really good if a tiny bit sticky. If I’ve let my hair air dry but want to heat style it I use my long time favourite Superdrugs own Style Expertise Heat Styling Spray, it’s non-sticky, helps your hair from being further fried and also helps hold the style in place.


Percy&Reed Smooth Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil|Superdrug Hairspray Ultra Firm Hold.

If you don’t have dry ends or frizzy hair then you probably won’t need a hair oil but a few pumps warmed between my palms and applied to the ends of my hair is perfect for just taming any frizz or nourishing my dry ends even more – don’t overdo it though otherwise you’ll find your lengths lank and greasy. Everyone needs a can of hairspray at home because you never know when you are going to use it, I often find my boyfriend have a cheeky spritz before a night out. I always go for the highest strength, I’m not really sure why they’ve created lower holds because they seem slightly pointless, this gem from Superdrug brushes out easily and doesn’t leave any residue but still helps hold a style in.


If you’ve made it this far congratulations because that was a long post!

Let me know what your haircare secrets are and your favourite products to use in the comments.

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