How to Heat up Your Date Night

Looking for something a little different this date night?  


I nearly always organise date night, mainly because I love finding new places to go and also because i’m a little bit of a control freak so when the Mr decided that he wanted to organise a surprise I was interested to see where he would take me – not that he hasn’t organised great trips before but he normally saves those for special occasions. We hopped off the bus in nearby Kew and headed for Oppa, a Korean bbq restaurant where you become the chef and cook your own dinner on a bbq that’s built into the table!

First up order the Korean Calamari, it’s the perfect side dish to snack on whilst you wait for the mains to cook!

We opted for the Oppa Specialsliced pork belly, prawn, beef spare rib, rib eye, baby octopus, sweet and spicy chicken. Cooked by yours truly at the table then encased in a lettuce leaf and smothered in your choice of sauce. It’s simple but delicious!


If you don’t fancy doing the cooking yourself then they have a number of great dishes that their chefs will prepare for you plus they do take away as well! This is the perfect date night restaurant if you are looking for something a little bit different, possibly not first date as things can get a little messy but once you’re a bit more comfortable with your date this is definitely one to hit up. I’m thinking this would be a great birthday dinner destination with a bunch of friends as well – it’s on the list for my 26th.

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