Meet the New Mascara in my Life

I’m not sure what it’s ‘greater than’ but it is a great product.


MDMflow Greater Than Mascara£18.00

Now don’t get me wrong I still love my Soap&Glory HD Mascara, but when this shiny package arrived at Christmas I wasn’t not going to use it! I already love the MDMflow Liquid Lipsticks so was excited to see what the mascara would be like and it did not disappoint! Let’s start with the most important thing, the formula. It isn’t overly wet which is great as it doesn’t smudge on your lid as soon as you blink, plus I prefer a slightly drier mascara. I often find that some drier formulas clump up your lashes, but this one doesn’t, even after multiple layer, which helps add the appearance of volume to your eyelashes. The slightly indented brush makes it easier to get to the root and coat all the lashes, so you get a lot of length as well as volume and you don’t feel like you’re going stab yourself with a giant brush!


Now, once you’ve got it on you also have to take it off and I think the sign of a good mascara is that it takes a little bit of scrubbing to remove – gently and with micellar water. I find I need one fully micellar soaked cotton pad per eye and then a final sweep with a second pad to completely get rid of it. I don’t wake up the next day with panda eyes and my lashes are ready for another day. We shouldn’t let packaging dictate our thoughts but, let’s face it, when it looks this good it’s going to up it’s rating in my opinion. Super sleek with funky writing this looks amazing in your make up bag or on top of your dresser.

It’s not the easiest mascara to get a hold of so I would either order it direct from the website or via MyShowcase.

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