The Best Lipgloss for Low Maintenance Ladies

Meet the new lipgloss you need in your collection. 

New CiD i-gloss in Honey Pot £19.00

The thought of lipgloss normally makes me think of thick, gloopy, hair sticking nastiness that I used to wear when I was 14 normally in some sort of awful purple shimmery colour. Then I was introduced to the i-gloss by  New CiD and I realised that glosses have come a long way since then. I picked up the shade Honey Pot, a beautiful peachy colour with subtle gold shimmer running through it, perfect for everyday as well as special occasions.


Formula wise it reminds me of a less sticky Lancome Juicy Tube and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss; high shine, easy to apply and plumping without that weird tingling sensation. The non-sticky gel formula contains vitamin E to protect and nourish your lips. It’s long wearing and works well alone or over the top of your favourite lipstick i’m currently loving wearing it over the MDMFlow Liquid Lipstick in Retro, plus it has a built in light and mirror so you can apply it any where any time.

I don’t wear this day to day because frankly the Mr hates me covering him in lipstick kisses but it’s perfect for when I need a little extra something for special occasions.

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