How to Spend the Perfect First Date in London

First dates can be a little awkward but I’ve got the perfect remedy for that!

SO you finally asked that special someone out and now your stuck for first date ideas? Then I’ve got the perfect afternoon and evening planned for you, starting with a leisurely lie in with a cup of coffee and plenty of time to get ready before heading off into town and arriving out of the elements into the Tate Modernplease note this is not only for first dates this would suit the hundredth date as well!

The Mr is not a fan of modern art so I wasn’t sure how this date was going to go but it definitely sparked some conversations, so perfect if you’re worried about running out of things to talk about!



On a budget but still want to impress them? Well you’re in luck, there is so much to see for free that you could while a way a whole day there or if you’re in a rush to lunch reservations then just pop in to their core – collection to dip your toes in the water. Also great if they are not a culture vulture and you don’t want them to be to overwhelmed!


I particularly loved ‘Babel’ by Clido Meireles; it’s a tower made from hundreds of second-hand analogue radios that create a cacophony of inaudible noise.

‘The installation manifests, quite literally, a Tower of Babel, relating it to the biblical story of a tower tall enough to reach the heavens, which, offending God, caused him to make the builders speak in different tongues.’

In amongst the different radios we both spotted the stereos we grew up with as well as the ones our grandparents owned – I think the Mr rather enjoyed this piece as well although he wouldn’t outrightly admit it!

      Jeans – ASOS|Jumper – H&M (similar)|Shoes – Converse via Office|Backpack – Eastpak via ASOS.

After deciding which artworks you would hang on your wall at home and which ones you’ll leave in the gallery head on over to Kingly Court – if it’s cold and drizzly go by tube, if it’s sunny the walk through the city is gorgeous. There are a multitude of restaurants to pick from but my current favourite is Stax.

It’s a relaxed diner, so perfect in case you’ve still got some first date jitters, plus it’s always full so your quizzing of each other can go unnoticed and uninterrupted.


This is not a restaurant for health conscious people as the only green in sight are the pickles but the food is bloody delicious. One of you has to get the Chicken and Waffles the perfect combination of sweet and savoury but I would also recommend the The Big Stax Burger; juicy beef burger topped with spicy ‘comeback’ sauce, housemade dill pickles, maple glazed beef bacon, caramelised onions, and cheese. Make sure you leave room for some Popcorn Shrimp, bite size pieces of joy!

Treat them or go ‘dutch’ and split the bill. Steal a kiss goodbye and roll yourself home texting your friends about how well your first date went!

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