Yesto Carrots Night Cream

Carrots can help you see in the dark but also help get that dewy glow to the skin.


Yesto Carrots Night Cream £9.99

There are so many moisturisers on the market to try that deciding which one to buy can be pretty difficult. I had been eyeing this up for a while so when my other product ran out I thought ‘hey why not, it’s not going to break the bank’ and I’m so glad I did; I swear this little jar is full of magic.

As a dry skin girl I love heavy duty moisturisers at night but I don’t like to feel greasy; this is the perfect combination as it absorbs easily plus a little bit goes a long way. It’s packed full of vitamin E and of course carrots to boost hydration whilst you sleep and you wake up feeling as if you’ve got a whole new face – but not in a weird way. Layered with the Balance Me Radiance Facial Oil it really helps give a glow to your complexion.

I will definitely be re-purchasing this and would highly recommend anyone who needs a moisturising boost in their skin care routine. I bought mine from FeelUnqiue but it’s available at Boots in the UK and a quick google will give you multiple places to buy it.

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