Where to Spend and Where to Save|Skincare

You don’t always have to splurge on skincare but sometimes it’s worth it and your skin will thank you later.

Skincare is something that I will always spend money on because to put it simply it’s caring for my skin and helping my look youthful for longer. I love finding gems that don’t cost the earth however I definitely think that there are certain items that deserve that extra bit of cash. Like with my make up I tend to buy mid-range products mainly because most of them are cruelty free and also from smaller brands which is why they have the higher price tag.

Where to Spend

I spend the majority of my money on a good quality cleanser, it’s the main product to clean your face at the start and end of the day. I’m a firm believer in the double cleanse introduced to me of course by the skincare goddess herself Caroline Hirons. My current favourites are Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser (not pictured) which is an oil based product so perfect for dissolving makeup and the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser a cream based cleanser so the ideal choice for second cleanse both are around the £45 price mark but so worth it as they last a long time. However if you are looking for a budget option then Soap&Glory Peaches and Clean is amazing and a great cream cleanser – I use this in the morning.

I used to be a huge lover of cheap one use face masks and now I am a full blown luxury face mask addict. However spending more money on jars and tubs means that you are getting more uses for your money. I also think that the more money you spend on your masks the better quality, less chemicals, more natural ingredients and better long term benefits. Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme is over £50 and recently went up in price but it’s life changing, trust me!

The other products that I tend to spend more money on are facial oils and acid pads. Facial oil wise I am yet to find a inexpensive version that I want to try, mainly because the Balance Me Radiance Facial Oil is so good. It does costs £30 but I’m only on my 2nd bottle because it lasts for such a long time plus it leaves my skin radiant, nourished and hydrated. I spend more money on acid pads because I am yet to even find a high street version on offer – Nip+Fab are probably the closest to high street prices but I am yet to discover a true budget option.

Read my full acid pads break down post here.

Where to Save

Interestingly I spend less on moisturiser than I’m sure people would imagine but there are so many under £15 products that are cruelty free and that work really well so it would be silly to splurge on something that costs more. Yesto Carrots Intense Hydration Night Cream is only £9.99 plus its 96% natural! Speed Plump by Soap&Glory is under £15 it’s super light yet hydrating, feels luxurious on the skin without any hefty price tags.

If I do put an eye cream into my routine then I refuse to spend too much money on it because I don’t really know if its working or not, it’s such a marmite trend in peoples routines so I tend to go for a high street version or skip it all together.  Lastly micellar water; gone are the days of smuggling large quantities of Bioderma over from France and spending an arm and a leg because now nearly every company has a micellar water on offer. They are not all as good as the Bioderma but they are certainly cheaper and easier to obtain. My 2 current favourites are B.Pure Micellar Water and Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water, both are under £10, gentle on the skin and do the job properly. No makeup residue left behind just clean non irritated skin ready for 2nd cleanse.

If you want to see my current skincare routine then click here and send me your skincare recommendations in the comments.

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