Race for Life 2017

The girl who can’t run did! 


I’ve never enjoyed running so when my friends asked me if I wanted to do a 5k for charity I was a little hesitant but decided to challenge myself and signed myself up for the 2017 Race for Life. I set myself the goal of jogging the entire way round and doing it under 45 minutes. Now if you follow me on insta stories you’ll know that my training wasn’t going too well so heading to the starting line I changed my goal to just finishing. 

33 minutes later I had finished and had jogged the whole way round, creating a new personal best that I already look forward to beating.

Collectively as a group we raised over £1000 and each of us in our group made someone proud.

If you are thinking of doing a sponsored run or walk but aren’t sure if you are up for the challenge. Do it! You might surprise yourself.

Read this post here to find out why this charity is so important and so close to my heart.

Also you can still donate even though the race is over.

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