This Girl Can

So the girl who can’t run has signed herself up to run 5k for charity! 

I’ve been wanting to do a run for charity for a long time, and the girls and I decided that it was finally time to stop procrastinating and sign up. So I am running the Race for Life in June to raise money for Cancer Research; a charity that sadly means a lot to me.

I lost my dad two years ago to cancer,so being able to raise money so that people don’t have to go through what my family did means a lot! Because as i’m sure a lot of you know it’s a rubbish time for all involved and that’s putting it lightly.

If you haven’t done your good deed for the day or you know, you’re a millionaire who wants something to do with all your money any sponsorship would be very much appreciated or why not sign up yourself to your local Race for Life and challenge yourself its all for a good cause!

Together we can beat cancer!

Click here to donate.

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