Get Fit, Get Happy

Put your trainers on and get going. 

If you’ve been following me on social media, here and here, then you may have noticed that I have really jumped on the fitness bandwagon. I trained as a dancer for pretty much the first 20 years of my life so have always been athletic, occasionally visited the gym during my university years and then relied on my fairly good metabolism until last year; the Mr had joined the gym just before Christmas so I decided it was time to get back on the fitness track and joined to. After running my 5k for Cancer Research I realised I loved pushing myself and I’ve not stopped since.

We are both at the local Anytime Fitness, and it really is anytime. Open 24 hours its perfect for fitting around what can be a pretty hectic schedule. I am no fitness blogger and spent most of the first weeks googling and getting inspiration from Instagram for what kind of things to workout plus I had help from a few close friends who happen to be personal trainers!


Sports Bra – VS Pink|Gym Leggings – Head (similar)|Trainers – Nike (similar).

I tend to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week with a home workout thrown in when I can’t fit in a full hour at the gym. I like doing an hour (including a 10 minute cool down stretch) but often end up only doing 45 minutes. I’ve learnt that they key is too never be disappointed in a workout – it will put you off going for the rest of the week; you went and did exercise and every little helps! I do post my workouts on my twitter but thought I’d share with you my normal full body workout which I try to do at least once maybe twice a week. Focusing my other two days on legs or abs.

Diet wise I’m not the greatest at being healthy; I stopped drinking fizzy drinks back in January and with only two slip ups – hangovers need coke to make them better i’ve not really missed them. That meant I had a hell of a lot less sugar in my diet however i’m still very partial to a doughnut and anything covered or containing chocolate. Everything in moderation!

Working out isn’t just for the aesthetic side of things, being healthy is good for the mind as well as the body, since starting to work out properly I’ve been less stressed after work and more confident in myself.

If you are a fitness blog pop your link down below I’d love to check it out!

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