The Big Red Shiny Mack Fire Engine

We woke up with our tourist hats on ready to go. 

When people found out we were going to San Fransisco visiting Pier 39 was the first thing they suggested so we headed straight their, eager to see what the fuss was about.

Not only is it full of fab places to eat and all sorts of shops it also provides a great view of the city plus there are some friends waiting to greet you.

The Pier 39 sealions. You can’t miss them the noise and the smell will guide you to them along with the hoards of people snapping the perfect instagram.


San Francisco is famous for it’s clam chowder and everywhere sells it, so pick a restaurant make sure you get a bread bowl and chow down. Not the most photogenic lunch but so tasty it makes up for it.

After lunch we carried on our stroll, I turned to look out at Alcatraz turned back and the Mr had disappeared; through a door way and into a hidden little gem Musee Mecanique, San Francisco’s antique penny arcade.


It’s a private collection with an amazing backstory which i’ll let you discover yourself but everything is fully working and you could spend many hours playing vintage and recent arcade games.

Now we could have just jumped on an open top tour bus to view the city but we decided that it would be much better to view the city from a vintage fire engine. Yes re-read that sentence, you read correctly. A fire engine!

San Francisco Fire Engine Tours takes you around Fishermans Wharf and over The Golden Gate Bridge to Fort Baker. Not only are the sights beautiful but the team are fantastic plus you get complimentary fireman jackets to keep you cosy during the tour.

The main event was seeing The Golden Gate Bridge. It’s an iconic symbol of San Francisco and I couldn’t leave without seeing it.

If you’ve only got a couple of days in San Francisco then this is the perfect way to see the sights.

We hopped onto the train, said goodbye to the city and headed off to Walnut Creek to visit some of the Mr’s family.

3 thoughts on “The Big Red Shiny Mack Fire Engine

  1. You should visit the Avenue of the giants while out there. I lived in California for many years and it is one of the most spectacular forrests on earth.

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