Thirsty Bear San Francisco

We woke up late in San Francisco, ready to enjoy the city. 

SF is so full of beautiful moments of calm in a bold city.


We strolled through China Town peering into the chock-a-block windows picking out the wackiest ornaments for our non – existent garden.


The streets are filled with some amazing street art, every corner you turn there is something to see.

We spent most of the day just relaxing, travelling can be so tiring so it was nice to just wander around the city sipping our coffees – grab an americano at Peet’s Coffee and make sure to pick up a cherry and walnut scone!

Our stomachs started to rumble so we headed off for  our evening destination. Thirsty Bear.

It’s San Francisco’s only organic craft brewery plus it does amazing tapas so if you’re in the area grab your pals and get down there! We started everything off with surprise surprise a gin cocktail for me and a beer for the Mr.

Mountains of calamari with a beautifully creamy aioli and corn dogs started off our feast.

Followed by Patas Bravas.

Juicy chicken empanadas bursting with flavour with avocado creme.

Roasted vegetables with manchego cheese melted on top ended the feast and it’s safe to say we were stuffed but happy. We’re already planning on going back when we revisit San Francisco.

Jeans feeling a little tight we rolled our way back to the hotel and climbed into bed.

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