Be Smart Get Screened!

Something a little different today, talking about Smear Tests. 

In the UK once you hit 25 (or 6 months before) the NHS offers you the chance to have a cervical screening every three years and then it’s every five years once you hit 50. This is because most cervical cancers develop in woman aged 25 to 64. It is your choice whether to have a cervical screening test (or smear test) but I really don’t see why you wouldn’t get it done; it saves as many as 5000 lives from cervical cancer each year in the UK.

It’s really not as scary as a lot of women make out and I think there is a lot of stigma surrounding it! It’s a super simple procedure. Once you get your reminder from the NHS or if you’re over 25 and have just never had one don’t wait just book an appointment at your local GP or you can go to your local sexual health clinic. Make sure you book it when you’re not on your period as they won’t be able to collect a sample. Once it’s time for the appointment if you hate the doctors like I do take a friend or your mum or your partner to sit with you in the waiting room and make sure you wear something comfortable.

The actual procedure took literally 2 minutes if not less. You just undress from the waist down and lay back whilst the nurse inserts a speculum; I had heard that this was so painful and the worst experience ever but to be honest if you’ve been intimate with a partner it’s not something that you won’t have felt before. No it’s not pleasant but its could save your life so you should be able to put up with a little bit of discomfort. Once it’s inserted they then just brush your cervix to collect the sample and then bam it’s done and you can get dressed and carry on with your life. You get the results within 2 weeks and then if everything is fine you don’t have to do anything till your next test.

Yes I know that was a lot more reading than normal but I really believe that women should go and get screened. It’s not as painful or scary as people have been making out, it takes 2 minutes and it’s free. What’s stopping you? Make an appointment today!

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