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Having a squad full of inspirational woman is my favourite thing and I wanted to share how wonderful these ladies are with you. 

Lucy and I met just under 8 years ago at dance college, she is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met and always sees the good in people and life. It was no surprise to me when she said she was off to Bali to train as a yoga instructor but i’ll let Lucy tell you about that.

Lucy Freeman In Bali


Last year I undertook an intensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia. During these studies yoga for me was a prominent force in my life, helping to keep me centered and calm during times of high stress, as well as helping me physically through a grueling and often 6 day dancing week. It wasn’t until I embarked upon my teacher training however that I realised just how much cross over there had been between my own project, and the philosophies behind yoga.

I believe that our body can, and does, communicate very clearly with us if only we are willing to listen. I think it is important to become a close, and good friend of our body, taking the time to build upon our relationship to it weekly, if not daily. When we begin to see the body as an allied force, the body and mind as connected and in alignment with each other and our wellbeing and health as in our hands, we can then start to build upon a positive relationship with the body.

This is what I try to communicate in the teaching of yoga and will soon be starting to implement through the practice of massage therapy. Knowing and understanding our own body shouldn’t be scary and a distant ambition. It’s right here, now.

Lucy Freeman Yoga Teacher

Lucy has the most amazing outlook on life and I wanted to know how Bali had changed her, mainly hoping for some tips on how to get my rather hectic life in order!

What lifestyle changes did you make?

As a result I have chosen to switch to natural based cosmetics and household products as well as live cruelty free, alongside a vegetarian diet. I made a conscious change in my lifestyle two years ago, celebrating my 2-year vegetarian birthday this very month. These changes also coincide with the non-violence principle of yoga, or ‘Ahimsa’ as it is also known. I feel it is important to say here, that I too am on the journey. I am constantly learning, trying and experimenting. I would never tell someone how to live, what to do or how to feel. What I can do however is tell you of my experience. Personally, I have never felt better. By reducing my consumption of processed foods, and cutting back on the amount of chemicals used on my body and skin, I feel the relationship I have with my body has sky rocketed. I am more acutely aware of what it is communicating with me, what works and what doesn’t work, what nourishes me and importantly, what doesn’t.

Lucy Freeman Yoga Instructor

What are your favourite natural products?

What you put onto your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This was enough for me to rethink what I was putting onto my body. I have found the best way to stay in control of exactly what I am using is to make it myself. This has proved more inexpensive and much simpler than I initially thought.

A personal favourite of mine is a Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub.

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, Coconut Oil and Lavender Essential oil.

Along with a gorgeous Oatmeal Dry Body Scrub.

Ingredients: Oatmeal, Epsom Salts.

The ingredients really are that simple, pure and natural and the results, amazing! Coconut Oil is actually a beauty hero of mine. It works well as a lip balm, moisturizer, make-up remover as well as a welcome ingredient in smoothies, rice and porridge among others!  This quality time and attention on our bodies is exactly what I feel is often missing in our everyday lives.

Lucy Freeman Yoga Teacher Interview

Any handy hints you might have for someone who wants to change their lifestyle?

My primary tip to anyone looking to change his or her lifestyle is to take your time. Start with small manageable changes. Trying to change everything at once can be overwhelming and often set us up for failure. Be kind to yourself and take your time. Importantly, there is no time schedule or rulebook. As previously mentioned, do what works for you! Listen to your body, trust and enjoy.


I can’t wait to see where Lucy goes next in life, she’s such a huge inspiration to me and having her in my squad is the best!

To follow more of Lucy’s journey, join her on Facebook (Footprint Yoga) or Instagram @footprintyoga_lucy

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