Life is Gouda on The Cheese Barge

I promise that’s the only cheese pun in the whole post.

If I told you there was a boat that only served cheese based dishes, I can imagine you would probably be jumping for joy and asking for directions – unless of course you don’t like cheese and then this post isn’t for you. Anyway back to asking for directions; if you head to Paddington Basin and go past one of my other favourites London Shell Co. you will find The Cheese Barge. Hop aboard – would highly recommend booking and get stuck into the menu.

All the cheeses are from Britain so some might be a little new to you (they definitely were to me), but all of the staff are basically cheese experts so there is no harm for asking for recommendations. It’s very much a sharing is caring type of a restaurant with small plates, but if you wanted to be selfish you could hog a toastie to yourself or having a full cheeseboard just for you. Luckily the Mr and I are pretty good at sharing so we ordered a feast.

Westcombe Fried Curried Cheese Curds, soft and gooey with a kick, Kappacasein’s Grilled Bermondsey Frier (a bit like Halloumi) paired with Swiss & Rainbow Chard, Golden Raisin & Pine Nut Salsa. Trio of cheeses; Truffled Baron Bigod, Edmund Tew, Rollright plus a Quicke’s Cheddar, Montgomery’s Ogleshield & Mixed Onion grilled cheese (not pictured) paired with an glass of Turi Bianco for the Mr and Crafty Apple Cider. If you’re not salivating at the screen and booking a table perhaps the dessert option will sway your opinion; White Chocolate & Lime Cheesecake with Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Gingernut Crumb, who said cheese was only a savoury option.

The Cheese Barge is the perfect place to take a date, catch up with friends or perhaps a business lunch, we will definitely be back – they have an afternoon tea option which I am very intrigued in!

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