Make-Up Shake-Up Sort Of


I’m very much a no make-up girl or put all the products on my face girl, I don’t seem to have an in-between.P1270954

Yes my room is messy; I’m in the process of moving no judging please and thank you.

I had a few minutes to spare before going out the other day so I thought I would just pop some mascara and concealer on before leaving; 30 minutes later I had a full face of make-up on so thought I might as well share with you what i’ve been putting on my face recently.



Sleek Contour Kit|Inglot Palette|Eylure Brow Promade|NARS Tinted Moisturiser|Topshop Cream Blush|Soap&Glory Fabulipstick|Soap&Glory Thick and Fast Mascara (not shown).

My base hasn’t really changed it’s still my number one favourite NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Finland, covers up redness and blemishes without making your face feel flat and no need for concealer. I am still contouring with the Sleek Contour Kit in Light, doesn’t make my face muddy and comes with a beautiful highlighter which I can’t resist either. Blusher is Topshop Cream Blusher in Afternoon Tea I never change it up because its just so beautiful and lasts for ages.

Eyes I do tend to change up but the crease colour never changes and it’s the Sleek Contour Kit, I do love a multi talented product, its the perfect transition colour and blends beautifully. I have re-discovered my Inglot Freedom Palette and particularly love 330 in the inner corner and 409 in the outer corner and on the lash line. Mascara is whatever I am using at the current time I never seem to stay faithful to mascaras now that i’ve gone cruelty free I still can’t find the perfect one. I am wearing lashes in the photos which isn’t the norm unless it’s a big event but if you’re wondering they are the Ardell Demi Wispies.

Finishing touches are lipstick again this changes up quite a lot so in this instance I reached for Soap&Glory Fabulipstick in Blush Pink, creamy but matte and the pigmentation is fabulous. I also help my brows look good with a little bit of Eylure Brow Promade; I tend to leave them to their own devices but sometimes the ends can look a little naked.

The best thing about all these products are that they are cruelty free!

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