Sleek Contour Kit|Review


Sleek Face Conotur Kit£6.49

I love to contour, I have good cheekbones anyway but there not up to Ms Jolies standard so I like to have a little help with them. As a pale girl for most of the year I often find it quite difficult to find contouring products which don’t look to orangey or muddy but the Sleek Contour Kit has a much cooler undertone which means it creates a shadow rather than a stripe. The kit also comes with a gorgeous champagne colour highlighter which is very subtle but still packed full of pigmentation. Easy to blend I love applying this with the Real Techniques Blush Brush or Setting Brush.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


8 thoughts on “Sleek Contour Kit|Review

    • I wear the lightest shade of everything so if there is a porcelain shade of foundation thats what I wear 🙂 You just need a light hand when you first start out till you get used to the product XX

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