Afternoon Tea | Review


Topshop Cream Blusher in Afternoon Tea – £7.00

I never really jumped on the hype of Topshop make-up but I happened to have a voucher and so thought ‘hey why not’. I had read about this one a lot on the blog scene and it appeared to get good reviews so I popped it into my collection and I am really glad I did. It looks really scary in the pan but when it’s on your cheeks you look like you have a super healthy glow about you-sadly it doesn’t show up too well in photos because it looks so natural. Cream blushers have never been a favourite of mine as I find them slightly harder to control but these are great and don’t make you look like a clown at all. I apply mine by simply dotting it along my cheeks with my finger before blending it in with a stippling brush, always start off small and then add more if needed because this stuff is super pigmented.

I would highly recommend this little beauty to anyone who is a bit scared of cream blushers and I shall be checking out what else Topshop has too offer in the make up department!

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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