Diners and Decadence


Holidays always have to end but the best part is vowing to go back.P1260882P1260884

We kicked our day off with an amazing american breakfast at JB’s, a cute and not too tacky american diner on the seafront. Make sure you check out the vending machine at the entrance it has USA candy in it!


Before heading off to Brighton Aquarium; if you hadn’t noticed we hang out with the fish quite a bit!


Met this curious bunch.


I love their happy little faces.


We strolled past the Pavillion, when we visit again we’re going to explore this a little more.


A little peckish we popped into Choccywoccydoodah and couldn’t resist a visit to their Bar du Chocolat where we over indulged on white and dark hot chocolate. If you have more of a sweet tooth I would highly recommend the white hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows whereas if you don’t want a sugar overload the decadent dark chocolate is a treat, the whipped cream adds a sweet edge but doesn’t over power.


We said goodbye to Brighton with a few more goes on the 2p machine – I am officially addicted before heading back to London.

 Any recommendations for when we return?

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