Cheeky Glass of Fizz and a Fab Room

Brighton High Street at Christmas

There’s something so lovely about having a special place that you and your other half associate with your relationship.

The Mr and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary and to celebrate took a little mini break back to our special place Brighton. He met me at London Bridge and we whizzed out of the hustle and bustle of London.

The Fab Room at Fab GuestThe Fab Room at Fab Guest House BrightonThe Bed in the Fab Room

We stayed at Fab Guest House again after having such a fabulous time last time. We booked the Fab Room as it was a special occasion and it is one of the most amazing rooms i’ve ever stayed in. The stand alone bath is to die for and is such a generous size that two people can fit in it no problem at all.

Blogger clinking champagne glasses

We started our celebrations with a cheeky glass of fizz before getting ready for our anniversary dinner.

Blogger getting ready in FabGuest HouseBlogger Anniversary Outfit

We stepped into the evening chill, our stomachs rumbling ready for the main event.

Riddle And Finns Brighton

Our main reasoning for going was to go back to Riddle & Finns, the best seafood restaurant I have ever eaten at. We dined there earlier in the year which you can read about here.

Riddle & Finns Oysters

After being seated we dived into the menu and trifled over what to eat. The staff there really know their stuff so any questions were gladly answered and sooner than we expected we had decided. I as always kicked everything off with a Gin&Tonic, the Blackdown Dry Gin is an excellent choice if you can get your hand on it. The Mr started his meal with Rossmore Rock and Loch Ryan Oysters. I hate them but he loved them!

Riddle&Finns Grilled OctopusRiddle and Find Chowder

I am a creature of habit and I couldn’t resist having the New England Clam and Bacon Chowder, its just a bowl full of goodness! The Mr branched out a little and went for the Braised Octopus with Potato Salad, juicy pieces of octopus paired perfectly with sauté potatoes.

Sea Urchin Linguine

I didn’t even know you could eat Sea Urchin till I heard the specials and the Mr ordered Sea Urchin Linguine, I even tried some, it’s not anything particularly special but certainly tasty and with the kick of the chilli it was a great dish.

Lobster DetailWhole Crab at Riddle&Finns

Yes ladies and gentleman I ordered a whole flipping crab! Served with a salad and homemade aioli it was a little bit of work getting to the meat but it was so worth it, definitely not for the fainted hearted and definitely not a first date dish!

Riddle&Finns Desserts to Share BoardBaileys Cocktail

Make sure you leave room for dessert because the sharing board is amazing perfect if you can’t choose one of the full size versions, plus they have amazing after dinner cocktails!

Brighton Pier at NightBrighton Pier Lit Up

We rolled ourselves home enjoying the sights of Brighton all lit up.

Brighton Pavillion at NightBrighton Pavillion at NightBrighton Pavillion at Christmas

Fell into our comfy bed and smiled that we didn’t have to set an alarm for the next day.

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