Some Dream of Cake, Others Bake it Happen

Not sure I’ll be appearing in front of Prue and Paul anytime soon, but no soggy bottoms here.

I genuinely meant to take more photos but this was a whirlwind of an evening so these are the snaps I got.

I am an amateur baker and have never even considered going for Bake Off but my best friend is a master baker, she made our wedding cake and knows her stuff. As my best friend buying her birthday presents is bloody hard because we’ve known each other so long I run out of ideas so when I saw The Big London Bake I just knew it was the perfect present. Sadly for her she got lumbered with me as her sous chef.

Set in a marquee just behind the Castle Tooting, you are given all the ingredients, bake wear and full instructions on how to create a masterpiece (or as close to one as possible) but you’ve got a time limit, and oh does that time go by fast! I understand why they all get so stressed on the actual show, we were very much decorating up to the last second. It’s such a blast plus you get a whole cake to take away with you.

They have a new theme each month – ours was to make a woolly hat cake, my mum said ours looked a little like a crown but I’m just happy we got it finished. It’s the perfect date night (although you may have to promise before you start to remain together despite what baking rows may arise), birthday present or even a hen do would work. I’ll definitely be revisiting the bake off tent. It’s not just the Tooting one they have other locations, check out full information here.

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