My Ultimate Gift Guide

I pride myself on my gift giving, choosing them and wrapping them. there is something so fulfilling in getting it just right for that person. Now I never do gift guides at Christmas, mainly because I think there so many people out there who do it just right and I don’t need to be adding to the pile but I thought I would do my ultimate gift guide which spans Birthdays, mothers days, Christmas, random ‘you’re a good friend’ gifts. All of the below I have either been gifted or have gifted so they are tried and tested!

Dobble – perfect for any gender, super easy to play so age wise it can be for anyone plus they also do theme versions – for example I have the Harry Potter one. Not overly expensive either.

Dried Flower Bouquet – Want to buy that special someone flowers but sad that they won’t last for a long time? Dried flowers is where its at. Clarissa’s Flowers is my personal favourite person to get bouquets from. I bought a trio last Mothers Day one for my mum, one for my sister (it was her first year as a mum) and one for my mother in law. They are so gorgeous and good for all price ranges.

Candles – Okay hear me out, I am aware this is a super basic present on the surface but I have never had anyone complain to me they were given a candle and I have never been sad to recieve one, mainly because sometimes really nice ones can be expenisve and its an expense we often don’t think we can afford. My personal favourite brands are SKANDINAVISK, Lily Flame, Jo Malone and The Country Candle.

Stationery – if you’ve got someone who likes to be organised a fresh new notebook is the perfect gift (and easy to wrap) I am a big fan of Paperchase as you always know you are going to find what you need but if you are looking for smaller busineess to shop from then Cambridge Imprint has some gorgeous ones, I also have seen Papier crop up on my Instagram who have beautiful designs. Pair the notebook with some nice pens and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Kitchen Knives – I promise I haven’t completly lost the plot, if you have someone who is a really foodie then good kitchen equipment is guaranteed to make their face light up. We were gifted a knife as a wedding present (which apparently is bad luck my husand has just informed me) and my husband was so happy my mum immediatly bought him a different one for his birthday and he couldn’t have been more excited. It seems like an odd gift but it’s a unique present for someone who loves to cook. We have Victorinox knives and would highly recommend.

Cards Against Humanity Family Addition – I won this in a white elephant at work and was a little skeptical as I know it can be quite a ‘shocking’ game to play but the family addition is hilarious! Mind you this version of the game still requires you to play with people with a sense of humour, but I think it’s a great gift for family and friends a like who love after dinner games.

Electric Diffuser – this is one that I have gifted and been gifted. There are some beautiful luxury ones but also some great deals from TK-Maxx. Pair it with some essential oils and you have a great gift.

Face Halo Pads – I’ve spoken about these plenty of times on the blog but they are just the greatest present. Know someone who wants to start being more sustainable? Gift them Halo Pads. Don’t know someone very well but know they like makeup and skin care? Wrap up some Halo Pads. Need to buy your best friend who already has everything? Get them Halo Pads! Practical, yet something you might not neccesairly buy yourself plus they come in lovely sleek packaging.

Mugs – I’ve never been dissapointed by recieving a mug, one year a secret santa got me an Emma Bridgewater mug filled with Lindt chocolates and lots of my collegues were like ‘omg, what a cop out’ or ‘what a rubbish gift’ I however was ecstaic to add another one to my collection. Think just a mug isn’t enought, buy some hot chocolate, coffee, tea (whatever their beverage of choice is) include some biscuits or another type of snack and you’ve got a gift ready to give. When it comes to mugs I love supporting local potters or why not paint your own if you have a pottery cafe near you.

Days Out – We all have that one friend or maybe it’s your other half that you’ve given every gift you can probably think of so I always turn my hand to an expereince day with them, now sometimes that can mean splashing the cash on something like Big London Bake, a dinner cruise or a calligraphy course but it can also be cooking dinner for them and giving them a home spa experience, a themed movie night (pillow forts are encouraged), afternoon tea the possibilities are endless – my favourite afternoon teas just FYI are Petersham Nuseries, Maids of Honour and The Ivy.

What are your top presents you’ve either given or received?

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