Meet my Everyday Jewellery Collection

Unlike my wardrobe I don’t really have a ‘capsule’ approach when it comes to jewellery

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ve probably seen me go through phases with what i’m adding to my collection, starting with chunky necklaces and cocktail rings before moving to a more delicate sterling silver based collection. Now it’s still definitely on the delicate style but it’s not all silver. Here are what I wear on a daily basis; the full collection is a lot larger than these eight core pieces.

I used to wear a ring on each finger, all sterling silver and would never have dreamed of wearing something gold, however since getting engaged I’ve completely changed tact and now wear exclusively gold on my fingers – which is a shame for the ten sterling silver rings now gathering dust (must find something to do with them).

My engagement ring is a vintage piece from David’s in Richmond and is so gorgeous, my wedding ring is also from David’s and has a beautiful twist in the band which sits neatly into my engagement ring. The other gold ring was my great grandmother’s; my mum lent it to me as my something borrowed on my wedding day and then very kindly gifted it to me a few weeks ago to have forever. It’s not left my finger since then.

I love having pieces that tell a story or mean something to me. It’s like wearing a piece of history!

I have so many pairs of earrings in my collection but these two are what I constantly cycle between. The gold hoops are Accessorize, I picked them up as an experiment as I’d never had gold earrings and just fell in love with how they completed an outfit so easily. The silver stars were a birthday present so not 100% sure where they came from but they are the perfect everyday stud.

What girl hasn’t owned a Pandora bracelet at some point in their life. I am still repping mine and love it. Each of the charms has a meaning behind it and it’s a fun piece which always goes with what i’m wearing. I wouldn’t say it’s the most sophisticated piece that I own but it’s packed full of memories and I’ve got plenty of room to add more!

I have the traditional silver bracelet but I also love the leather ones, if you’re looking for something a little different.

Necklaces are another item I haven’t really started wearing in gold yet and I love to have pieces that are gifts. my two everyday ones were both gifts from important people in my life. The ‘Return to Tiffany’ was an 18th birthday present from my parents and is still iconic (if a little tarnished). The pig necklace was from my husband before we even started dating, I’m pretty impressed that he managed to pick it out himself and will treasure it forever plus it’s a pretty unique piece – i’m still hoping for a real pig one day! I wear these either as a duo or individually.

Do you have a few key pieces or do you change it up daily?

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