What To Do If The Ring Doesn’t Fit

Cry hysterically in a jewellers…I’m not even kidding!


So he’s (or she) has got down on one knee and popped the question but the ring is a little bit loose! It’s very common for the ring not to fit because it’s kind of hard to measure your other halves finger without them noticing. Nothing a quick trip to your local jewellers won’t sort out, or so I hoped when I arrived back from my holiday where we had got engaged!


I have two jewellers local to me and when I took my beautiful engagement ring they both told me it couldn’t be resized. I have tiny hands with thin fingers and measure up as a size F which on the main markets doesn’t really exist. Sadly the ring the Mr had bought was a size J so when they would take out the middle bit and re formed the ring it would basically break, the stones would pop out because it was reducing it too much. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I teared up there and then in front of all the customers and jewellers. They told me either I needed to get a new one or they could take the amethyst off the one ring and put it onto another but that could cost quite a lot. So I sniffled off and called the Mr who calmly told me ‘It’s okay, we can choose one together and it will make it even more special’.

So the following Sunday the Mr and I set off for David’s in Richmond, not holding our breath that we would find something but with an open mind. I knew I didn’t want another brand new ring but rather something antique and different to what everyone else has. We inspected every ring in the window picking out some I might want to try on before stepping inside. We explained the situation and mentioned the two that we both liked, an amethyst with two pearls and a garnet surrounded by pearls. I tried them both on and surprisingly they both fitted well. I pretty much fell instantly in love with the amysthest one as it reminded me of my original ring however our wonderful shop assistant explained she could ‘muddy the waters’ with the collection they had in the back if we so wished. We agreed our budget with her (which came with no judgement and was never pushed) and the type of stones and style I liked before taking a seat to see what wonders awaited us.


She did not disappoint with boxes filled with beautiful amethysts, sapphires and garnets. I could have spent all day trying them on but I kept coming back to the amethyst and pearl one I had picked out first. The Mr and I looked at each other and we both knew this was the one, it still needed a little resizing so I sent it off knowing I could finally have a ring on my finger in a few weeks. I can’t thank the staff at David’s enough who were so friendly and helpful and I will definitely be back to pick up wedding bands.

So if the ring doesn’t fit and you can’t get it resized then don’t fret just make the second ring super special by choosing it together. Engagement rings don’t have to cost the earth and you can get some beautiful pieces for around the £100 – £150 mark. Quite frankly your ring can cost you whatever you want because everyones budget is different! I am of course keeping the one he proposed with and probably for our 1st wedding anniversary I will save up and get the amethyst set into a different ring.

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