What Kate Watched Next…

My current recommendations for anyone whose run out of things to watch…

Although I am enjoying venturing out a little more now the London lockdown is lifting that doesn’t mean I’m not still spending a lot of time on the sofa watching various shows that I would highly recommend.


Unforgotten – (also available on BBC IPlayer) of course I have a crime drama recommendation for you. This one revovles around cold cases and has a great cast with lots of plot twists. Three seasons on Netflix.

Shadow & Bone – I was apprehensive about watching this as I thought it might be over hyped as it’s based on a very popular book series, however I actually loved it. Fantastic story line, visually stunning and a great cast – really enjoy there are only a couple of ‘big’ actors in the show.

The Sons of Sam – A documentary which is a little dark but really good, it’s quite a few episodes but it doesn’t drag. It’s a serial killer documentary so be warned if that’s not your thing avoid.

Disney +

Falcon & The Winter Soldier – such a good show, watched it all in one go because I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch each week. As with everything Marvel a fantastic mix of humor and action. Plus who doesn’t want to stare at Sebastian Stan for a few hours!

The Bad Batch – If you love ‘old’ Star Wars then this is for you! It’s still being released each Friday but what I’ve watched so far is amazing. I would recommend watching Clone Wars TV show first so it all makes sense but it’s fantastic for Star Wars lovers, like myself.

Grey’s Anatomy – Yes I am very late to the party but oh my gosh, I am hooked. It’s just such easy watching and I can tell is going to be full of drama (I’m only a few seasons in).

BBC Iplayer

The Sewing Bee – I love this show, it’s just so wholesome and full of delightful people. You don’t even need to be a sewing enthusiast to enjoy the show. It’s the perfect thing to watch with a cup of tea on the sofa after a long day.

Drag Race Down Under – I am such a big Drag Race fan and I was delighted that they had a new series on Iplayer. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea however it’s a great show to just watch and not really have to pay attention to – which sometimes you need after a long day of work!

What have you been watching? I haven’t watched anything on ITV or Channel 5 for a long time so if you’ve got any recommendations let me know in the comments.

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