Delve into Wonderland at The V&A

Mum and I fell down the rabbit hole to see the new Alice in Wonderland exhibition at The V&A Alice: Curiouser & Curiouser.

I have been in love with the whimsical story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland since I was a child so much so that I collect different editions of the story – mainly based on illustration style but I do have some vintage copies in my collection. So when this was exhibition announced I couldn’t wait to get tickets to explore it’s origins, adaptations and reinventions. Fast forward having to wait through a pandemic, Mum and I were on the train for opening doors.

Tumble gracefully and safely down the stairs into rooms full of Wonderland goodies; ranging from the original book that was gifted to Alice herself, sketches from various illustrators and artists, installations that highlight just how wacky and wonderful the world of wonderland is, and how different people have envisioned it. I don’t want to spoil too much of what’s on offer so here are some highlights for you.

Regardless of whether you are a particular fan of the book or not it’s hard not to love this exhibition and be in awe of how one story (well two if you count through the looking glass) has inspired generations of film makers, photographers, illustrators, musicians and many more. It’s on until the 31st of December so you’ve got plenty of time to find a white rabbit to follow.

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