Spend a Cosy Night in With Me

If you need a little distraction from lock down, then carry on reading…

The first Monday of the second UK Lockdown. Time to get cosy and forget about the outside for a little bit.


The Mr and I built a fort the other day (it’s still up in the living room as I type) ordered a take away and just cuddled up for a few hours watching Netflix. It was bliss. So grab your blankets, a few sofa cushions and sheet or two and build yourself a blanket fort! If you live alone why not video call a friend and watch a film together, also a cute long distance date idea or just give them a call and catch up. If a takeaway is out of this months budget then cook up your favourite comfort food; tin of mac & cheese anyone?  Just take an hour or three to concentrate on you and the inside of your fort, not what else is going on in the world.

Looking for what to watch, my current recommendations are: The Queens Gambit on Netflix, A Harry Potter Film (never stopped being obsessed), Joe Lycett stand up it makes me cackle, Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, Bob’s Burgers – I am very late to the hype on this but it does make me chuckle, The Alienist – this is a recommendation from the Mr as I haven’t watched it yet.

Not sure how to build a fort, well I had no idea either but we managed with two dining room chairs and a duvet cover slung across them with the back corners tucked into the back of the sofa and the front parts weighted down with cans of tinned tomatoes, pulled our sofa cushions onto the floor and covered them with blankets. Added some fairy lights and turned out the rest of the lights.

Hope everyone is staying safe and positive x

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