Waste Free & Inexpensive Wedding Favours

Simple but sweet bridesmaids favours.

I feel like there is a lot of pressure on brides to go all out on gifts for their bridal team and then they end up buying gift boxes from Etsy with things that their friends will never use. So in a bid to be as waste free as possible and to be ‘on brand’ for me I gifted my bridal team with succulents. It’s a simple but thoughtful gift which costs around £10 per person (could be less depending on how much you buy new) so if you’re a bride on a budget this might be the way to go for you.


You will need:

~ Baby succulents; I had hoped to use cuttings from my current plants but the timings of when I was giving these didn’t work out that way.

~ Cute pots; I bought mine from Squires Garden Center but again if you have pretty candle holders etc. you could re-purpose these.

~ Succulent Soil

~ Decorative gravel

~ Nice paper & pen.

Re-pot your succulents into their new pots, simple add a layer of the succulent soil in the bottom of the pot, remove the old soil from around its roots and then place in new pot. Fill the new pot up with succulent soil to just below the rim. Add decorative gravel and water – for a more in depth read on how to repot your succulent check out this blog post.

Now research what the succulent needs and write a little cheat sheet on how they can look after their new green friend. I wrote mine on textured paper (if you hate your handwriting then you could type it up instead), decorated with some ink stamps and then folded it up and placed it inside the thank you card. I then placed them on a tray with their cards and handed them out. No wasteful wrapping and something they can keep forever.

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