How to be Chic & Comfortable in Cycling Shorts

Styling cycling shorts in your late twenties.

If you’re a long time reader of the blog then you’ll know that I am a jeans & a t-shirt girl nearly 365 days a year, however as we’ve had a few mini heatwaves in London the last few months I needed something that I could chuck on with some trainers or converse that wasn’t going to make me sweat and that I could ride my bike whilst wearing. I’d seen cycling shorts becoming popular way back when Kim K was wearing them and laughed at the thought of me with my pasty legs styling them. Fast forward a year or so and I am slightly obsessed – mainly due the large amount of Tik Toks I’ve been watching of people wearing them and looking a-m-azing!

The ‘cool kids’ are wearing them with crop tops and chunky trainers or belted in with a blazer and heels but I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for that so I prefer a boxy shirt and my normal sports trainers (or converse). The best way to make it look less like you only changed half of your outfit after the gym is with accessories. As always a colour pop or novelty bag is my go to, plus a pair of hoops – a chunky pair would look amazing but I only have these delicate half hoops. A watch really helps you go from sportswear to street wear.

As someone with a curvier bottom half I played it safe with a black pair – I picked them up on Depop but am tempted to get a slightly brighter pair!ย They are just such an easy option to pop on and go and also look really good with a baggy jumper or sweatshirt so I think I’ll be wearing them into the autumn months as well.

Are you a cycling short lover?


2 thoughts on “How to be Chic & Comfortable in Cycling Shorts

  1. I only wear cycling shorts with an oversized/long tshirt and trainers. I’ve seen them styled like you mentioned with crop tops or blazers and heels but that doesn’t really suit the way I like to dress. I agree with you on adding accessories, it’s an easy way to transform an outfit!

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