Meet My 50 Piece Capsule Wardrobe

A peak inside my all seasons capsule wardrobe.

I share a wardrobe with the Mr – which is fairly normal despite what Instagram would tell you. We went from having a tiny cupboard and two chest of drawers stuffed to the brim at our rented flat to this gorgeous built in wardrobe in our own place; it was here when we bought it and was just perfect. We both have small wardrobes and keep all seasons in one place. I have a 50 piece all seasons wardrobe (not including a 12 piece work wear capsule wardrobe, coats and my gym wear) and the Mr is on around a 60 piece, I’m hoping he downsizes his t-shirt collection soon.

In case anyone asks, the boxes are from Ikea – I am a Marie Kondo folder so it means I can fit everything in and see everything easily. The shoe storage is also Ikea which meant this rather awkward space wasn’t wasted and our shoes weren’t littered around the flat. We do also store our bedding, towels & paperwork in this wardrobe because it’s the only storage space for it.


Enough about my storage solutions let’s talk about what’s actually in my capsule wardrobe.

Shirts & Tops

I am a jeans & a t-shirt girl but I do love a shirt or a ‘nice top’ when I go out, as London has different weather every single day I need to have both long and short sleeve tops. I could downsize this if need be but i’m just a bit stubborn about certain pieces.

4 x T-Shirts

2 x Long Sleeve T-Shirts

2 x Long Sleeved Roll Necks

4 x Shirts

5 x ‘Nice’ Tops

Knitwear & Sweatshirts

There is no doubt this is the most extravagant part of my capsule wardrobe and every time I have a clear out I try and donate a piece but I just can’t (Dramatic. Me? Never!). Living in a country that is cold apart from maybe 1 to 2 weeks a year it’s an important section.

4 x Light Knitwear

5 x Heavier Weight Knitwear

1 x Hoodie


Dresses, Skirts & Jumpsuits

When I’m not in jeans it’s a midi skirt and we all know how much I love a jumpsuit. When it comes to dresses most of them are occasion pieces that can be dressed down with converse and are really old pieces but I do wear them on rotation. Again this is an area I should probably downsize as I’m not a going out every weekend type of lady.

3 x Maxi Dresses

3 x Jumpsuits/Playsuits

4 x Shorter Dresses (that can be dressed up or down)

2 x Maxi Skirts

5 x Midi Skirts

Denim, Trousers & Shorts

Despite being a jeans & a t-shirt girl I only own 2 pairs of jeans but they are the perfect two pairs, I’d happily squeeze a few more in but that means something else would need to make it’s way to the charity pile. When the weather gets hot I do occasionally get the pins out with shorts but not very often.

2 x Jeans

1 x Leather Look Trouser

1 X Lightweight Summer Trousers

2 x Pairs of Shorts

I would love to get this down to a 40 piece all season capsule wardrobe.

Do you love a capsule wardrobe or is yours bursting at the seams?

5 thoughts on “Meet My 50 Piece Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Great post! My wardrobe isn’t quite bursting at the seams but I definitely have more than I need. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe though and it’s something I plan to slowly work towards.

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