The Diary of a Covid-19 Bride

Will there even be a wedding…

What I had hoped would be an exciting few months of build up and doing tastings of the food, wine sampling, picking my bouquet has instead been a few months of ‘will there even be a wedding’ due to the Coronavirus. I am lucky that the wedding is planned for the end of the year and my heart really goes out to anyone who has had to postpone their celebrations. We are still planning to go ahead however it will be a different wedding to the original one we planned – we just need word from the government that it can go ahead.


26th February

Started to think about our wedding bands. The Mr isn’t sure whether he wants one as he isn’t a jewellery type of guy but we headed to our favourite jewellers- Davids in Richmond where my second engagement ring came from to try on some different styles. Due to the shape of my engagement ring I was expecting to need a wishbone but when we tried one on it still had too much of a gap, luckily they found a beautiful twisted band which fits in snugly, they offered me the same carat as my engagement ring and it was sent off to resize. Super simple and not the headache that I thought it might be. The Mr tried a few simple gold bands on but we weren’t sure it suited him, so went away to have a think about it.

15th March

Wedding gift lists were a bit of a should we shouldn’t we situation. We’ve lived together for 3 years now so we don’t really need anything for the house but we would like to upgrade some bits and bobs. The original plan had been a John Lewis gift list however they weren’t doing them at this point in time so I asked some friends who they had used and they pointed us in the direction of The Wedding Shop. We booked an appointment at their ‘Townhouse’ and had the most enjoyable afternoon scanning gorgeous pieces to upgrade the house. After the wedding I’ll be writing a full post about the experience but I would highly recommend!


16th April

My brother in law, sent us the final invitation design but we have decided to hold off until the next block of lockdown is over before we send them. Spent the whole of today working out various guest list numbers in case Covid-19 messes up the wedding plans and making sure we could still have our photographers and pianist in the various numbers. It was a horrible way to spend a day but it did put my mind at rest a little.

19th April

We decided to change my hen do plans from being at various locations which may not have reopened by September into one location, my aunts back garden. I am actually so excited for it, it’s Harry Potter themed and is going to involve crafts, afternoon tea and Hogwarts themed cocktails. Some might think it sounds boring but I am bloody excited.

11th May

We found the Mr’s ring on Etsy from Zebrano Woodcraft it was a little risky ordering it online but we had a ring measure so were pretty confident that it would be okay, plus the vendor said we could send it back for one alteration if necessary.

12th May

We made the tough decision to cancel our wedding reception. We’re still planning to go ahead with the ceremony but we feel the reception is too risky as it’s a small room with no outdoor space and we don’t even know if pubs will be allowing gatherings. We’re hoping to have one 6 months after the wedding when the world is a safer place, plus it means we can celebrate all over again which will be fun!

30th May

The Mr’s wedding ring popped through the letterbox and it fits perfectly. So impressed with the craftsmanship, price and how quickly it was shipped to us.

31st May

My wonderful and patient brother in law re-did our invites in record time and we decided to use Vista Print to print them (this is who most people recommended) we had hoped to use a local company to us but lockdown stopped us doing this. Was really easy to load our design onto the site and was really good value for money! Plus we get envelopes the perfect size.


We have the invites ready to go an we’ll be sending them out this week. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that everything is allowed to go ahead and hopefully with the full number of guests.

Photos taken during a trip to Kew Gardens which is recently re-opened in Lockdown.

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