If You’re Going to Shave; Make it Plastic Free

Designed for men’s faces a dream on women’s legs.

I’ve been using disposable razors pretty much since I started shaving, many moons ago. For someone whose trying to be as plastic free as possible it took me rather a long time to address this when really it’s the easiest thing to sort out. Browsing in the aisles of Superdrug is not the easiest right now so I turned my sights to the internet and remembered I had heard about Harry’s a razor subscription service on the No Such Thing As A Fish Podcast so decided to check it out.

I should point out that Harry’s is not designed for women’s legs however a razor is a razor in my eyes so I wasn’t too worried about that aspect of it. I managed to get a trial set with a discount code from the No Such Thing Podcast so I filled in my details and waited for my starter kit to drop through the letterbox. They promise ergonomic handles, precision engineering, and soothing skin care, so I was excited for it to arrive.


I didn’t have to wait long before my shaving goodies dropped through the letterbox including The Truman Razor in bright orange. It’s a rubberised handle which means you have control even when wet and was fully equipped with 5 German blades for precision shaving – they do specifically say on the website that these are not designed for shaving your head! It also came with a travel cover and some shaving gel which lathers like a dream and smells amazing! It’s quite a masculine scent which I personally love. It’s an aloe-enriched formula to soothe and refresh your skin and all of their products are made without parabens or sulfates.

I was so impressed, I’ve never had a closer shave in my life. I didn’t cut myself once and it glides round all the curves with ease. When you sign up it asks you how often you want the blades delivered, I’ve selected every 3 months for 8 blades to be delivered but you can change that whenever you need and it’s £14.00 each shipment with the option of adding new shave gel, after shave balm with no shipping costs. A much better option than buying disposable razors that come wrapped in plastic with one single blade and will do maybe one or two shaves.

So whatever you need to shave (apart from your head) this is a great razor to have in your bathroom!


*Harry’s Razor are not completely plastic free as some packaging does involve plastic however they are the best on the market that I have seen. If you have other options please do let me know.

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