Daily Look No.11

Wearing black for the first time in years, I felt the need to document it.


When I got my first job in marketing and events around five years ago and stopped working as front of house in hospitality I donated pretty much every item of black clothing I owned. I had worn all black since I was eighteen in various pubs and restaurants, my uniform pieces had leaked into my regular wardrobe and I missed wearing a bit of colour. So when I reached for one of the only black items still in my wardrobe for a daily walk I felt the need to document the occasion – I do of course have a little black dress however it’s covered in colorful polka dots so I feel like it doesn’t count.

I actually love this outfit, especially with the colour pop headband. Don’t think I’ll suddenly be adding any other black items to my wardrobe but it’s nice to know I can still tie them in with my wardrobe.

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