The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe Sweater

The only sweater you need in your wardrobe.

I think it was an Alexa Cheung YouTube video where I first heard the sentence ‘if you find something that works buy it in every colour’ – now I think about it I’ve probably heard it a few times before that but it only really sunk in that time. Now this doesn’t really fit in with my minimal wardrobe ideals however, when I picked up my first Cashmillon Marks & Spencer jumper in navy blue, I did very quickly pick it up in cream and camel because I couldn’t stop wearing them. Yes I have a knitwear obsession; when I do clear outs of my already small wardrobe it’s the group that never gets cut (it mysteriously grows). 


Cashmere is the creme de la creme of knitwear but it’s bloody expensive and I’m never really sure if it’s good for the goats that it comes from (I’ve heard many a horror story, but also I trust M&S with their morals) so when I found out about Cashmilon jumpers it was the perfect solution. It’s made from acrylic but feels exactly like Cashmere and keeps you just as cosy, plus they cost £15.00. They come in a range of colours and have some patterned ones however as always I’ve stuck with the neutrals.

I love wearing mine with jeans, or tucked into a midi skirt for that awkward British springtime weather. The round neck is quite a high one so it’s not great for putting a full shirt under but I reckon if you have a bib collar then that would work perfectly as it wouldn’t be as bulky. If you’re not a fan of a round neck then they also have a V-neck one that is a little looser fitting. I wear a size 6 in the round neck version and though it’s a little tight on the neck when getting your head through it fits perfectly and is shorter on the torso (for me anyway) than the 8 which was quite a bit longer.

They are perfect for work and weekends so a flexible item to have in your wardrobe. I could (if push came to shove) get rid of all other sweaters in my wardrobe and just wear these three on rotation. 

They are currently not available online due to COVID-19 but once we’re able to shop online again I’ll add in a link.

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