Can Activewear be Ethical & Sustainable?

How to go the gym, look good and save the planet. 


Sportswear, active wear, athleisure whatever you want to call it currently makes up a large quantity of my wardrobe. Since I got into running and recently started getting back into the gym my usage of leggings and sports bras has shot up. Good quality gym wear can be pricey; you need it to hold you in, be thick enough that your pants don’t show through when you squat, are comfortable next to the skin and look good – although lets face it we all probably have a pair of leggings that have seen better days but are the comfiest things in the world so we can’t bear take them to the clothing recycling.


If regular activewear is pricey then surely ethical and sustainable pieces are even more expensive?! No, not at all. Here are my top 5 ethical and sustainable active wear brands available in the UK to buy from that won’t break the bank or the planet.

  1. Adidas – A well known brand that I was actually surprised to hear was ethical but hits high on the ‘Good to Know app’. Great for all types of workout but especially good for outerwear jackets & trainers.
  2. Bam Bamboo Clothing – Super soft and sustainable activewear brand which you guessed it is made from Bamboo. I love their leggings and sports bras as they so soft against skin and they always have funky patterns to choose from.
  3. Reebok – This is a bit of a cheat because they are owned by Adidas so share the same brand values but it’s great to have another big sports brand for people to choose from.
  4. Contra – Now I love Contra because it was founded by the guy who started Parkrun so every purchase keeps Parkrun free but also because they create ethical gender neutral styles & colours with each item being available in 10 different sizes. Perfect for tops, plus I’ve got my eyes on their capri leggings.
  5. Asquith – Another bamboo range this is more for yoga than outdoor sports. My sister is a big fan of these guys, I am yet to try but when one of my current items breaks I will be checking them out. You can find great deals on Ethical Superstore as some pieces are priced higher than others.

Would love to hear of any other brands that you think people should know about that are affordable yet ethical.

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