Monthly Most Worn | September

I couldn’t pick between both of these items.

In a bid to be more sustainable I wanted to showcase each month my most worn item(s), to not only prove to myself but also my readers that items don’t have to be a one wear only. Not all of the items will be bought from sustainable/ethical brands (hopefully in years to come they will be) but just to bin those items and buy new is unsustainable in it’s own way. I am striving to create a capsule wardrobe that is full of pieces that can transition the seasons and is timeless.

Styling up TOMS    Hot Weather Petite Styling

Blogger laughing on a bench

Midi Skirt & Cropped Trousers – SHEIN. 

The wet weather we have been having made it a little difficult to shoot these items so apologies for the recycled photos. These two pieces were my go to when I didn’t want to wear jeans, which as the hot weather continued into most of September was quite a lot.

The skirt is the perfect piece to add a colour pop to your wardrobe, it works best with a white t-shirt as the pattern is incredibly bold but if you’re looking for a piece to have as statement this is it! I’ve styled this up with heels as well so it’s definitely an all occasions skirt, if you aren’t a fan of white t-shirts then a navy blue top would work as it will pick out the blue in the skirt.

The trousers are such a great monochrome piece if that’s more your vibe, again a white t-shirt works amazingly but you could use the top half to add the colour pop if that’s more your style. Again i’ve worn this for both casual, smart casual and smart occasions so they are definitely a flexible item to include in your wardrobe. As a petite lady the cut ankle swinging cut makes me look taller and the flare of the bottom doesn’t drown me like it would if they were full length.

I’m not sure if these will be working their way into my autumn/winter wardrobe but I can guarantee that I will be getting them out as soon as March comes round!

Click here and here, oh and here to see how I styled these pieces.

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