A Little Wedding Planning Progress

It’s not moving as fast as it was before but we’ve progressed.

If you missed out on the first instalment of my wedding planning diary then click here to catch up, otherwise here we are finally with a second post! I think possibly I was a little too organised in the beginning but luckily I’ve been so busy with work and things that not having to plan a wedding at the same time as made me slightly more sane – but only slightly. However we have made some progress with getting some vendors booked which I am very excited about.


3rd May

Bought gorgeous cards from Norma & Dorothy to ask my sister and best friend to be my maid of honour and bridesmaid on the big day. I was thinking of doing a big fancy present thing but then I thought that’s just a riduclous waste of money and the things in the boxes that I’ve seen online they won’t use. Wedding dress ideas have changed again and bridesmaids dresses are already driving me crazy. There is just so much choice out there. Mum being the sensible lady that she is told me to wait until October this year because the dresses will be more suited to the weather which is a valid point, I just don’t like waiting.

7th May

I want a magician at our wedding – no I don’t feel like I need to explain this anymore!

15th June

Photographers have been booked and deposit paid. We are going with Ollie and Nix Photography who are local to us and do such a lovely documentary style of photography which goes with the very chilled vibe of our wedding. We’ve only booked them for prep, the ceremony and our champagne reception as when we get to the wedding breakfast I don’t particularly want photos of our guests eating etc. We have also solved the chair covers situation! We found these beautiful vintage chair covers from Betty Loves Vintage and they are so gorgeous, they aren’t the ugly white spandex ones and although this means we will have to put the covers on ourselves I’m so thrilled we’ve found something that both of us like!


4th July

We have booked an engagement photo shoot, not really my normal thing to do as I often find them a bit to forced and awkward but we were offered a free one through UK Bride (not because i’m a blogger everyone who signs up to the site can get one) and I thought hey why not! Plus it might help the Mr feel a bit more confident in the camera. It’s with Fresh Shoot Studios and I am trying to stop myself from going full Meghan and Harry vibes.

10th July

It’s not for a very long time but I’m already feeling the pressure in regards to hen-dos. So many people asking whether I’m going abroad with girl friends for a long weekend or doing a huge pub crawl. Um no, I don’t have the money and neither do my friends, plus I want my family to be involved and I just want something relaxed and fun but then at the same time I feel like people will then judge me about that. It’s frustrating and makes me not want to have one at all, I’m hoping that i get over this pretty soon!

Would love to know what other people did for their hen do’s and whether anyone feels the same why I do, feel free to tell me I’m freaking out over nothing! If you’ve got any wedding on a budget tips as well I would love to hear them in the comments.

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