The Start Of Wedding Planning

So the wedding planning has begun…


I really wanted to share the process in case anyone else happens to be planning at the same time. If wedding content isn’t your thing then no problem the whole blog won’t be all wedding content. I promise! I’ve been keeping a word document open on my laptop to track the progress so far and I quite like the diary style, but if you want more detailed posts just let me know in the comments.


25th January

Started to make vague plans about the order of the day and found our dream venue. Thank goodness we want a small and casual wedding. Sent off initial emails to venues to hear back about pricing, spoke vaguely about dates.

28th January

I’ve wanted a two piece wedding outfit for about 5 years now and today I found a beautiful top, was slightly disappointed that it was only available via American Anthropologie but after a quick google of the designer I’ve found a nearby local stockist. Have set mum the task of calling them to see if they have it in and in my size. Not sure if all of this should be happening so fast but I am loving it.

30th January

Heard back from both of our first choice venues and I could not be more excited am hoping to get venues locked down by the end of March so need to start talking to the Mr about potential dates. Both venues are perfect for the low-key vibe we want to go to and aren’t breaking the bank!  Mum also managed to secure a fitting at NABBD on Saturday, can’t believe I might be about to put down a deposit on my first part of my wedding outfit.

2nd February

Deposit has been put down on wedding top and ordered from America, also tried on some skirts and definitely thinking that  big fuller skirt rather than tulle will look more bridal. Fell in love with some Pinterest photos of a blue skirt but not sure if it will bridal enough and how easy it would be to find.

10th February

Actually made some head way with the wedding playlist which I thought would be the hardest bit because our music tastes are so different. Bruno Mars is a strong contender but mainly old school blues and jazz. Heard a bit more from our chosen venues need to pick a date before the end of February.


14th March

And I’ve made it to March without writing anything down. In a nutshell. Viewed wedding venue, fallen in love. First, second, third date choice not available so now have put in for fourth choice and fingers are crossed. Changed my mind about what dress I want about 50 times and need to stop watching Say Yes To The Dress. First draft of guest list is down and wow we went from wanting just 25 people at the ceremony to having 40 – oooops.

19th March

Buying a house, planning a wedding, starting a new job and running a half marathon is so stressful and I would not recommend. However the wedding venue and wedding reception are booked! Deposits are down. I now don’t need to do anything until the 3rd October when we have to book the registrar.



Who would have though that chair covers would be so stressful. I hate them, he doesn’t want the chairs that are in the chapel. April’s task is now to find chair covers I can tolerate. In other wedding news, have asked my brother-in-law to help with designing the save the date and invites, going for a rustic theme on Kraft brown paper but havent thought about finer details yet. Have started looking at bridesmaids dresses despite not officially asking my maid of honour and bridesmaid yet! Also on the April to do list is to ask them properly. Best Man has been asked and accepted – not sure anyone has ever refused being the best man!

That’s where I am up to right now with the planning, if you’ve got any hints or tips on wedding planning on a budget then I would love to hear them in the comments!

I have become such a fan of midi skirts now so when SHEIN asked me to style some more pieces from their website I snapped up this one right away, I love the ruffle at the front and it’s really good quality fabric, no worrying if anyone can see your knickers through it. If you purchase this particular skirt then I would recommend sizing up as it is a little snug on me, and don’t forget if you use the code kate015 at checkout you get a 15% discount.

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