How to Get the Most Out of Your Hotel

A few handy hints I’ve picked up along the way.

No, this is not a post encouraging you to complain about stupid things at the reception desk to get an upgrade. I’ve worked in the hotel industry for over 3 years and I can tell you now it’s not going to get you anywhere but if you’re savvy in prepping then you can get the most for whatever your budget is.


The first thing you need to think about before booking a hotel is what sort of holiday are you looking to have ? Is it a sight seeing whirl-wind because if it is you don’t need to worry about the finer things in life but you do want it to be in a central location. If it’s more of a relaxing, special occasion then you are going to want to splash some cash and go for that larger room with the bath because you are probably going to want to spend more time in the room. It’s always a shame when you’ve paid extra for a luxurious room and then don’t have the time to get the full use of it because you are so busy zipping about during the day.

Booking via third party sites is often easier because you can compare but often hotels will offer other deals if you book direct so make sure you check on their website after you’ve discovered them. Hotels have to pay commission per booking through third parties so lot’s of them will have something on offer; discounts, breakfast included, free welcome drink.


Do you need breakfast included? Sometimes there isn’t a choice in this matter but if there is consider how much you actually want to eat breakfast in your hotel and whether you could get a better deal heading somewhere local in the morning. I am a pastry and a coffee kind of a girl so would much rather pay for room only and then find a cute café in the morning, also you can then have breakfast when you want not on the hotel timings.

Take your own mini bar. I love a little indulgence whilst on holiday but I don’t like hotel prices especially when it comes to the mini bar. So if you love a glass of wine or bubbles in the evening why not take your own bottle, ask for an ice bucket and some glasses from the bar and you’ve saved yourself quite a few quid. The Mr often takes a few bottles of beer and I have been known to take a half a bottle of gin. This counts for snacks as well, there is no law against you bringing your own crisps and chocolate.

If it’s a special occasion, don’t be afraid to let the hotel know in the guest notes bit, you never know you might get something a little extra or a cheeky upgrade. It’s not guaranteed but there is no harm in letting them know!

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks in the comments.

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