My Go To Jewellery for Day to Day

Diamonds are a girls best friend…well not in my case. 

When I was a younger I was all about costume jewellery, big chunky rings, 3 necklaces all layered and bangles jingling on my wrist, as I got older I swayed more to the delicate sterling silver rings on every finger and simple pendants and the amount of times I change my earrings has become more and more. Since I got engaged the rings have become less, mainly due to the fact that I’m still not 100% comfortable with mixing gold and silver jewellery.


If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will have seen this sweet pig necklace a lot. I pretty much wear it everyday because it was the first present that the Mr ever gave me and I haven’t really felt the need to buy many others for my collection. It’s the right balance of delicate and quirky to make it a nice individual piece in my collection. Don’t get me wrong I’ll occasionally change it up but more often that not this little guy is out and about with me.


I pretty much change my earrings on a daily basis but I am much more of a hoops girl than studs mainly because I think they add a little sass to any outfit. Accessorize is my go to for earrings, they always have something for everyone so whether you like statement or simple you’ll be able to pick something up. I have two pairs of hoops which I chop and change between the most one pair has a knot in them the other has little pyramids dangling down, they are perfect for work and can take you onto a bar in the evening.



Rings, rings, rings. I mentioned above that I love rings and my right hand is still pretty much dripping in them with the left hand just showing off my engagement ring. I have loved rings since I was a teenager but with my teeny tiny fingers getting ones that fit mean my collection is not as big as I would probably like. On a daily basis apart from my engagement ring I always have at least three rings from Accessorize on for no other reason that I just don’t take them off. Apart from when I shower. If I’m feeling like I need a little more bling then you can bet I’ve got my gorgeous Pandora rings on and a few midi ones stacked on top.

Are you a delicate jewellery wearer or do you prefer to go all out?

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